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About AnnuLox Technologies

AnnuLox Technologies LLC is the sole manufacturer and producer of the proprietary oxidation catalyst, AnnuLox®. We have developed the technology necessary to utilize this highly efficient catalyst in tandem with hydrogen peroxide to achieve the oxidative production of certain acid and triphenylmethane dyes such as Acid Blue 9, Acid Red 52 and crystal violet. This new technology eliminates the need to use toxic and environmentally hazardous heavy metal oxidants such as manganese, lead and chrome oxides which are currently in use.

We are also dedicated to further research and development of other related uses for AnnuLox® as well as the development of additional environmentally-friendly products and manufacturing processes.

AnnuLox, LLC was founded in 2014 to continue the development and commercialization of the technology developed over the past six years through the collaboration of Pinnachem, LLC and Lawrence Pharmaceuticals, LLC.


Here at AnnuLox Technologies, our mission is to research and develop environmentally conscious methods to prepare a wide array of fine and specialty compounds.


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Who We Are

AnnuLox Technologies is a Lexington, KY based, specialty chemical development company.

We’re an environmentally conscious specialty chemical company working to rid the world of harmful chemical byproducts and to streamline chemical manufacturing processes.

Meet Our Team

Our team is comprised of several skilled people who specialize in their respective fields

Please take a moment to learn more about AnnuLox Technologies by viewing some of our talented team members.

Equipment and Instrumentation

We have a large variety of equipment and instrumentation for the development, analysis and production of a variety of specialty chemicals, flavorings, dyes and the bottling of fluids and other fine products.

AnnuLox Technologies is everything you need to develop world-class chemicals!

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