Custom Toll Manufacturing

Fine and specialty chemicals manufactured to clients’ needs and specifications. Reactor sizes from 5mL to 1,500 gallons.

Here at AnnuLox Technologies, we take pride in our ability to develop environmentally conscious methods to prepare a wide array of fine and specialty chemicals. We not only have an exceptional ability to develop synthetic pathways to existing and new products, but we also have the expertise, equipment and analytical instrumentation to scale synthetic processes up to robust and reliable commercial manufacturing processes. In many cases, this leads the way to long-term toll manufacturing relationships with our clients.

Our facilities operate under Food Grade cGMP guidelines under a Quality Program that has been developed over a 35-year period.

We also manage the technology transfers of existing/proven process in our facilities in a very efficient and client-driven manner, whereby the client typically serves the role of Project Manager.

Toll Manufacturing Services

        • Chemical synthetic pathway development
        • Small to mid-scale production of specialty chemicals
        • Chemical manufacturing process development
        • Chemical manufacturing process scale-up and optimization
        • Automated bottling, capping, sealing and labeling line (30 units/min)
        • Beverage formulations, carbonation and canning
        • Packaging and Fulfillment of manufactured goods

AnnuLox Technologies is everything you need to develop world-class chemicals!

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