Our Team

At AnnuLox Technologies, our team members are a valuable part of who we are and together we’re able to accomplish incredible things. Please take a moment to learn more about each of our members below.

Jeff Lawrence Ph.D.

Jeff Lawrance

CEO and Scientific Director

Lynn W. Jones


Abbe Kesterson

Abbe Kesterson

Project Manager

Ashley Johnson

Group Leader, Fullfillment

Susan Moynahan

Susan Moynahan

Office Manager

Aaron Camenisch

Creative Direction & Marketing

Chase Kempinski

Chase Kempinski

Analytical Chemistry

Gloria Gellen, Ph.D.

Group Leader, Analytical Chemistry

Daniel Reed

Fulfillment Specialist

Emily Stephenson

Emily Stephenson

Production Chemist

John Rampulla

Logistics Specialist

Lauren Stephens

Lauren Stephens

Chemistry Intern

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