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Here at AnnuLox Technologies we are continuously conducting research to improve the way many chemicals are produced. We are focused on the replacement of environmentally-burdensome manufacturing processes with environmentally-friendly yet economical alternatives.

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While currently introducing our flagship catalyst, AnnuLox® into the dye manufacturing industry as a “green” replacement for the toxic heavy metal oxidants currently used such as manganese dioxide, we continue to develop our technology for use in other industrial applications as well.

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We are currently introducing our AnnuLox® catalytic technology to major specialty chemical producers located around the world, establishing clients in India and China as well as here in the United States, making this important development in “green” manufacturing technology a global reality.


AnnuLox, LLC is a company founded to support the continued research, development and commercialization of their proprietary AnnuLox® catalytic system technology. AnnuLox® is our new catalyst, which we are currently introducing into the dye manufacturing industry as an economical and environmentally-friendly replacement for the currently used heavy metal oxidants such as Manganese Dioxide. It is a very efficient catalyst for the oxidation of a variety of organic molecules with hydrogen peroxide, including acid and triphenyl methane dyes such as FD&C Blue 1 (Acid Blue 9) and Acid Red 52.

We are currently developing the AnnuLox® catalytic system for use in the production of many other dyes and products of oxidation as well.