AnnuLox Catalyst

AnnuLox, LLC is the sole manufacturer and producer of the proprietary oxidation catalyst, AnnuLox®. We have developed the technology necessary to utilize this highly efficient catalyst in tandem with hydrogen peroxide to achieve the oxidative production of certain acid and triphenylmethane dyes such as Acid Blue 9, Acid Red 52 and Crystal Violet. This new catalytic technology is able to completely replace the toxic and environmentally hazardous heavy metal oxidants such as manganese dioxide and lead oxide which are currently in use, particularly in India and China.

Our goal is to develop new specialty chemical products which utilize this environmentally responsible manufacturing technology, resulting in substantial reduction of toxic heavy metal wastes currently associated with many manufacturing processes used throughout the world. We are also dedicated to further research and development of other related uses for AnnuLox® as well as the development of additional environmentally-friendly products and manufacturing processes.