AnnuLox Technologies products are manufactured using AnnuLox®, our proprietary catalyst developed to promote the oxidation of organic molecules without the use of oxidants such as manganese, lead and chrome oxides.

Acid Blue 9 (FD&C Blue1)

High purity, heavy metal-free, technical grade Acid Blue 9 available in bulk quantities as a liquid solution up to 50 percent pure dye content. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Acid Blue 9 based, environmentally friendly blue pond and lake dye and aquatic plant growth inhibitor that is completely nontoxic to fish, water fowl, livestock and humans as well as decorative aquatic surface plants, such as lily pads. Unlike many traditional, Acid Blue 9 based pond and lake dyes currently on the market, EcoLox dye products are manufactured utilizing AnnuLox® proprietary technology. EcoLox Blue Pond & Lake Dye is available in three convenient sizes of one quart, one gallon and a six gallon case.


An Acid Blue 9 based formulation which is added to herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, seeds, etc., to clearly indicate treated areas during application.  This product ensures complete and efficient coverage of application site.